Do you have any favorite nostalgic Malaysian childhood snacks? Growing up in Malaysia, these delectable treats contributed to many happy childhood memories. Unfortunately, these snacks are now extremely difficult to come by.

So, for the older generation, take a trip down memory lane with Cik Min as we count down our favorite nostalgic Malaysian childhood snacks.

psst; Cik Min will also tell you where you can get them, so keep on reading!

The Simpler Times | Nostalgic Malaysian Childhood Snacks

Oh, those were the days. We can talk for a long time every time we walk down memory lane to relive our childhood. It is, for the most part, one of the best days of our lives.

What are your strongest childhood memories? For Cik Min, it is spending my wang saku on delicious snacks after school.

Favorite Childhood Snacks

These old-time snacks were a big part of why our adolescent years were filled with fun and happy memories. Here are some of Cik Min’s personal favorites:

  • Ice Pops
Nostalgic Malaysian Childhood Snacks
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This 90s childhood favorite is becoming increasingly difficult to find these days. However, ice pops are simple to make in long plastic bags. Just pour in flavored drinks such as Milo, sour plum, and orange and pop them into your fridge.

  • Lemon tablets
Nostalgic Malaysian Childhood Snacks
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Lemon tablets are citrusy, sweet tablets that melt in your mouth. These tablets are flavored with lemons and licorice and made from Chinese medicine. They are similar to preserved tangerine peels in some ways.

  • Chocolate coins
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These round confectionaries are popular among children. So, while a bar of chocolate is relatively easy to obtain nowadays, these were our go-to chocolate back in the day. 

  • Candy White Rabbit
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Milky and creamy. This is a snack that can be eaten with the thinly veiled rice wrapper around the candy or without it. For Cik Min, I prefer it with the wrapper for the full White Rabbit experience!

  • Ice Gems Biscuit
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This list would be incomplete without these multicolored ice gems biscuits. But the real question is, do you bite the biscuit or the icing first? Or are you one of those people who only eats the icing and throws away the biscuit?

Where can I get them? | Nostalgic Malaysian Childhood Snacks

photo credit: Childhood Malaysia

These snacks are quite difficult to find nowadays. Luckily for us, there are specialized stores selling them in our country. Introducing, Childhood Malaysia.

Childhood Malaysia is here to help you rediscover your childhood memories. Originally founded as a trading company for snacks and confectionaries, they now have stores in Suria KLCC, The Garden Mall, and many more other locations.

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