Have you ever heard of Richeese Factory? Richeese Factory is a fast-food restaurant that serves practically everything on its menu with a wonderful cheese dip! Customers can definitely enjoy numerous entrees at Richeese Factory with joy. Today, Min will introduce to you Richeese Factory, a fast-food restaurant from Indonesia.

Richeese Factory’s Fast-Food Restaurant History

On February 8, 2011, Richeese Factory opened its first restaurant in Bandung in the Paris Van Java Mall. Along with the expansion of their restaurant, they now have outlets in major cities throughout Indonesia, including Bandung, Semarang and Surabaya.

Years later, Richeese Factory fast-food restaurant is now available in Malaysia! The first outlet is at 1 Utama (LG356, Rainforest), and the second is at Berjaya Times Square (Lot No LG-09A, Lower Ground Floor).

Richeese Factory Fast-Food
photo credit: gastronomy-aficionado.com

Richeese Factory’s Fast-Food Restaurant Concept & Popular Meals

Richeese Factory’s semi-open restaurant concept allows visitors to enjoy views while enjoying their meals. One of the recommended menus is The Richeese Bowl, rice with boneless meat fried in flour and then dusted with grated cheese on top. There’s also Fire Cob, which consists of chicken thighs dipped in fiery spices and topped with cheese sauce. Yummy!

Another popular meal chosen by customers is Richeese Fire Wings. Richeese Fire Wings consist of rice and crispy chicken wings topped with hot seasonings. The spiciness level of the Fire Wings seasoning can be adjusted to your liking, ranging from 1 to 5. Even though it’s only level 1, the spiciness will make your eyes expand! The combination of sweet, spicy, and salty cheese is extremely appetizing.

Richeese Factory Fast-Food
photo credit: hargamerek.com

Other Available Entrée

Richeese Factory also features a fantastic snack menu to balance out the hot flavour on the tongue, including French Fries, Chicken Sticks, Nachos, Kebabs, Cheesy Croquet, and Cheese Cake. There are also beverage options, such as flavoured teas, fruit juices, and yoghurt frappe.

That is all Min has for you today. For cheese lovers, be sure to check Richeese Factory out as they will undoubtedly satisfy your appetite.

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